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AUT alumna Tee Twyford has achieved a lot in her few years. From bright-eyed AUT graduate to high-profile editor of NZGirl, social media and digital PR manager at Tommy Hilfiger to senior digital marketing manager at a certain iconic London-based luxury brand which wishes to remain nameless, Twyford knows the ropes of marketing.


AUT’s high-flying alumna and Twitter head of global operations, Kate Taylor, is currently at home with a new baby, so we interrupted the bonding process to get the low down on how she turned a passion for film into a career with social media juggernaut Twitter, the importance of mastering soft skills and how, sometimes, you just have to accept that Thom Yorke is giving you a sign.


From a young age Adriana Christie, co-owner of Pallet Kingdom, knew she wanted to get into social enterprise. At the age of 13, having grown up surrounded by poverty, she had the very mature realisation that if you don’t have a business and you don’t generate revenue then you can’t help people. Now, with Pallet Kingdom, Christie is turning that idea into a reality.

Social entrepreneurship

It was the clashing of two worlds that gave 19-year-old Bonnie Howland her business idea. On the one side there was her part-time job in a hair salon in Auckland’s trendy Newmarket suburb, while she studied for an event management degree at Auckland’s AUT University.


Looking for a good time in central Auckland? Idealog spent a few hours at AUT’s Colab, and came away buzzing.


Grimy worms upcycling organic waste into fertiliser seems to be the way of the future – at least it won the hearts (and pockets) of venture capitalists at a recent student entrepreneur competition.


In a new exhibition called 'Material Matters', AUT University students have created small pieces of furniture and lighting pieces, exploring design around a dominant material (glass, timber or metal).


A supercomputer once used by Weta Digital to render effects for Peter Jackson's movie King Kong has found a new home at Auckland University of Technology's Institute for Radio Astronomy and Space Research.